Adventist Motorcycle Ministry

AMM Houston TX Chapter
AMM Houston TX Chapter


Adventist Motorcycle Ministry 

(AMM) is a ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist church to support our churches and reach hundreds of thousands of bikers and families around the world who may otherwise never know the message of salvation. 

AMM is to offer the rider a Christian environment and welcoming place to share our faith and hope. . 



We are a multi-cultural ministry of Seventh Day Adventist motorcycle riders that enjoy riding in our spare time with the main purpose of spreading the word of God. .


"To provide the motorcyclist a Christian, welcoming environment where sharing Our Faith and Hope is our Ministry that naturally flows without impositions or demands but in kindness and friendship". 


Practice a safe sport that will keep us united Christians. 

Provide our members with the knowledge to safely operate motorcycles whether riding alone or in a group. 

Create an environment where we can enjoy our family, friends, brothers and sisters in Christ. 

Organize activities and outings that will lead us to explore new places and meet new people. 

Offer assistance to communities through works of charity and spiritual guidance by proclaiming the word of God and the Adventist message. 

Lift on high the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, while gaining souls for the Kingdom of Heaven, through our Christ-like testimony to our friends, neighbors, coworkers, and all those around us. 

As an Adventist ministry, our ministry is to let our church be known in our communities thru the events we do in our churches, motorcycle events we attend, and everywhere we go. 

All our activities are Christ centered that way we are able to show Christ love for us. 

This ministry is a great addition to the Seventh Day Adventist Church, because it not only brings people to the local churches, but it also helps our members’ spiritual life while evangelizing others telling them that JESUS CHRIST IS SOON COMING AGAIN! 


We extend our invitation to all our brothers and sisters in the faith, that ride and enjoy riding, to join the Adventist Motorcycle Ministry. 


We represent the Seventh-Day Adventist Church in name and logo. We know that there are many small groups dispersed all over the world and many brothers and sisters in non-Adventist clubs. The time has come that we as Seventh-Day Adventist come together as one great family and work together for the good of mankind. 

Together we are strong, divided in small groups we are weak. It is sad to see a division within the church and the brothers and sisters. Together we can create motorcycle events where we can join in annual congresses, rallies, and other events where we can enjoy the Christian life with the ones we love most, like our family and friends. 

God bless and ride with faith!